Tube University (sometimes simplified to TU) is a higher education facility located in a top secret location in the USA. It offers non-conventional, but highly respected, degrees in fields relating to podcasting.

It is officially the hardest university in the world to get into, with only 0.26% of applicants receiving interviews. Furthermore, only 2.6% of successful applicants receive offers.

Sources indicate the the Galaxy Mall may be a front for Tube University.

Units Edit

261 - Podcasting Ethics: By comparing popular TV shows on YouTube, students will discuss the importance of ethical standards in a podcasting career. Topics covered include: appropriate language, obscuring of names, maintenance of cast.

262 - Introduction to Edit Mode: Upon completion of this unit students will be familiar with the YouTube 'Edit Mode' interface, and be able to use it to view one's own videos, and remove unsavoury content.

263 - Podcasting Literature: Students perform close-readings of poetry from the Sorrow of Separation (Capriccioso, J) book series in order to learn more about the vicissitudes of a podcasting career. Ex-Monk (Porto, J) is also critically examined, and students are encouraged to recognize how a negative outlook on life can lead to a career of hatred.

264 - Physical Education: A career in podcasting doesn't have to mean sitting at a computer! With the advent of portable technology, we will examine how podcasting can be made 'on the go' by looking at 'Morning with Matrixlord' and 'Moving with Matrixlord'. Additionally, we will examine how pacing around a home studio can be used as an effective method of combating hatred-induced stress.