The Who Show is a weekly podcast which airs on YouTube, hosted by two individuals known only as 'Joe' and 'Chameleon Tours'. It is one of the most successful Doctor Who related TV shows on YouTube.

Format and critical response Edit

The show transmits via Google Hangouts, and each episode is typically 20-40 minutes in length. A variety of topics are discussed (mainly the popular BBC TV show, Doctor Who). Each episode begins with an Australian voice frequenting the words 'The Who Show', before cutting to a piece of music. This segment is known as the 'official theme' of the show.

Podcasting critics have branded the show "my god, unbelievable". Episodes usually have a positive like to dislike ratio (unlike several other Doctor Who related TV shows on YouTube), however it has been concluded that every dislike is in fact the work of jealous trolls puppeteering dummy accounts.

Trolling Edit

The show is infiltrated on a regular basis by a group of known trolls who "wish to destroy the reputation" of the hosts. It was speculated that the 'trolls' are jealous of the almost immediate success the show received following initial broadcast. In a recent edition of the show, a troll known as 'The Omega Hacker' managed to secure a link to the hangout, and perform a 'major ISP data sweep' of the host's machines, rendering their microphones impotent, and thus, ruining the show.

The Who Show itself is often branded as a "troll show" by the majority of the Whovian community. This is blatantly un-true because all of the videos and tweets made by the The Who Show are 100% believable and certainly not stupid and deluded in any way. The hosts, ('Chameleon Tours' and 'Joe') are definately not "trolls" trying to represent and immitate (humourously) the Whovians at the very bottom of the social ladder. Anyone who thinks that this is the case is a moron.

Episode guide Edit

  • Episode 1 'Massive Series 9 Spoilers': The debut edition of The Who Show featured little discussion about Doctor Who series 9 despite its title.
  • Episode 2 'Clara is Davros in Series 9?': The show is infiltrated by trolls, causing the hosts to end the show. There was quite a lot of Doctor Who discussion in this edition.
  • Episode 3 'Matrixlord212 - The Facts': The hosts break down drama within the community, and attempt to achieve a cease fire.
  • Episode 4 'Steven Moffat Special': A new member is welcomed to the show. Doctor Who is briefly discussed and a major Doctor Who star is interviewed live on air.