A selection of memorable quotes from various characters.

  • "I'm good...damn good." - Doctor Freedom explains how good he is at 'tracing ISP addresses'.
  • "Chris Furner is dead" - Chris Furner reveals he is no longer a human.
  • "From the minute I grab your throat down your teeth!" - Sammi Carter threatens the BBC.
  • "Lawyer on retainer." - Matrixlord threatens legal action when his YouTube video is disliked.
  • "Rabies sapphire" - A metaphor coined by Chris Furner.
  • "I am suffering from post Star Wars Celebration depression" - Chris Furner
  • "I live precariously day by day" - Chris Furner on his quality of life
  • "And what can I say? 10/10." - Sammi Carter reviewing an episo' of Doctor Who.
  • "Come on a Zoom cast, coward!" - David Aston invites a troll to debate him on a Zoom cast.
  • "F*ck off! Cu*t!" - David Aston debating a troll in a Zoom cast.
  • "Guilty people hide." - Mike D uses his detective skills to expose a hater.
  • "I initiated the sex" - Mike D initiates an unusual transitive verb
  • "I was the victim in all of this." - A good man.
  • "Get a freakin life!" - Matrixlord addressing the dislikers
  • "Is Gandhi still alive?" - Sammi Carter questions whether a 70-year dead man is still alive

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