A list of all of the catchphrases used by individuals.

  • "Take care bye for now" - Used by almost everyone, most notably Sammi Carter and Matrixlord.
  • "Hellooooooooo everyone. The Watcher here." - Jack McCullough greeting.
  • "This is Steampunk Starraisin for" - Chris Furner greeting.
  • "I will see you in 25 billion years, I will." - Chris Furner closing.
  • "Hey guys" - Chameleon Tours' greeting on the Who Show.
  • "Wazzzuuuuuuup" - Bryan's greeting, now used sarcastically on the Real Whovians Cast.

"God damn." - Mike D's response to anything

Trivia Edit

  • "Take care, bye for now" was coined by Stephen Gandy, who is now serving a 4 year prison sentence for sex offences. The Gandyman is set to be released upon the West Midlands in August 2017.